The WD6AWP Pier-J page is intended for wind watchers in the Long Beach, CA area who want current and easy wind data on your mobile devices. Some sources of Pier-J data are old or are hard to nagivate and read. I hope you find my Pier-J page cures those woes.

The Pier-J page shows the most recient reading, usually 6 to 12 minutes old, with the important information in bold. Below that are 10 reports covering the past hour. The data fields are a timestamp in 12 hour format for the Los Angeles timezone, wind direction in degrees, wind cardinal, wind speed and gust. Wind speeds are in MPH rounded to the nearest whole number.

Tecnical details: The Pier-J page is refreshed every 30 seconds by your browser. The data is locally cached to prevent excessive load on NOAA servers. The cache is updated every 3 minutes while you or someone else is viewing the page. The text next to the about link shows "Fetched" or "Live" and when the data was last reterived from NOAA. "Live" means your browser just happened to retreive the data directly from NOAA and updated the cache. It's your lucky day as you now have the most current data available.

Tip: This NOAA Pier-J url will always show the most current data available from NOAA. While I think you'll like my page better, you could use the url on your desktop or to compare my data for timeliness and accuracy.